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Terms & Conditions

Bookings for Shooting Breaks are taken subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

*You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 pp to be paid when you return your terms and conditions document to us.
*All members of the shooting party must fill out the terms and conditions with your: Name, Address, Signatures and Insurance Number on the reverse.
*If for some reason the client / clients decides to leave before the agreed dates the full costs of the shooting trip will be payed in full unless we agree to change the agreement of your shooting package.
*All prices for shooting/fishing will be given and there will be NO hidden extras.
*All shooting / fishing clients booking accommodation through us will receive a discounted rate.

Shooting Conditions
*Only discharge weapons when your guide tells you it is safe to do so.
*All shooting clients are asked to assist in tidying up spent cartridges / rubbish from the area to ensure it is left in a tidy condition.
*All decoying equipment and hide material will be supplied by Montrose Shooting Breaks and customers are required to respect this as broken/damaged equipment has to be replaced and any damage will be charged for to the customer.

Goose Conditions
*There will be a bag limit on the Geese of 5 geese per gun per shooting flight, this is to ensure the geese are not over shot and will return the following shooting season.
*We cannot guarantee the amount of birds you shoot but we will do all can to help you get your bag for the flight.
*We will only take the max of 6 guns at one flight on the geese, this is mainly for safety reasons.
*Where goose shooting with Montrose Shooting Breaks takes place over local farmland, customers are asked to respect the farmerís property and equipment.
*Only Pink-foot Geese and Graylag geese will be shot.
*NO FAC shotguns to be used on geese at all.
*3 shot semi auto is the only auto you can use on geese.
*If you shot more geese than you can take home with you we will charged a further £5 per goose, so please donít over shot as there is always next year.

Legal Requirements
*Anyone using a shotgun or firearm must be in possession of a valid certificate.
*Non UK residents are required to have a UK visitors shooting permit which can take up to 30 days to be processed by Tayside Police force.
*EU Gun passes are required (photocopies are not acceptable).
*Each member of the shooting group must be fully insured by some form of shooting organizations (e.g. BASC) and details of insurance including expiry date must be given to Montrose Shooting Breaks before any shooting will commence.

*Montrose Shooting Breaks will not be liable for any accidents on the shooting holiday resulting in damage or injury to clients, clients' equipment, dogs etc.
*Any damage or injury to equipment or dogs caused by any client will be charged in full to the client responsible for all the damage/ injuries.

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