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Rabbit Shooting

Rabbit shooting is available day or night.

Daytime Shooting
This will be done with a .22 rifle where you can lay up and shoot or you can move along stalking the hedgerows, the choice is yours.

We will also be using ferrets where you can stand and wait for the ferrets to do their job and then shoot the rabbits when they bolt into the open with your shot guns. ( Please do not shoot the ferrets!)

Nighttime Shooting
This will be carried out using a .22 rifle with a high powered lamp. We can either drive around the areas covering a lot more ground or if you prefer we can walk around the farm land (Much better for your health!).

You can use your own rifles/air rifles or if you prefer, you can hire air rifles.

We will also be doing fox control whilst we are out lamping, this is all part of the package.

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